Katsuko Nakashima

Katsuko Nakashima

1946 Born in Osaka, Japan
1969 Bachelor of Design, Osaka University of Arts,
(Present) Currently lives and works in Ena city, Gifu, Japan

< record award >
1984 Silver Award, Japan ceramics design competition
1991 Award for excellence, World art festival competition,
1994 Grand prize, The 2nd Nissin Food Products modern noodles bowl award exhibition
1997 Award for encouragement, '97 Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition
1998 Bronze Award, The 5th International Ceramics Competition Mino
2003 Gold Award, The 2nd Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale
2007 Grand Prize, Kobe Biennale 2007 Ceramic Art Competition
2008 Special Recognition Award, Taiwan Ceramics Biennale

Hana no Utsuwa (flower vessel)
porcelain / Slab building / 2019

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