ギャラリー LVS & CRAFTGallery LVS & CRAFT

出展予定作家 :
 SEO Sin-jeong 
 LEE Sang-jae 
 LEE Jeong-won 
 PARK Ju-hyung 


Gallery LVS & CRAFT

Gallery LVS & LVS CRAFT will present cutting-edge contemporary craft works including a distinguished school of Korean contemporary white porcelain, and other exceptional textile, wood furniture, and mixed-media works. The act of “craft” in contemporary aesthetics and language allows innovative expression of materiality and instinctive creativity. “Craft” has always existed since the beginning of human civilization for utilitarian, survival purposes, whereas “contemporary craft” is a unique form of art distinguished by its media and how they are transformed by the most appropriate techniques usually trained to reach the highest level possible. Mastering the medium with human techniques deduces the essence of the physical form, exploring abstract ideas with the human body.

About exhibited works

Gallery LVS with LVS CRAFT is a pioneer in contemporary ceramic arts and crafts, especially the modern white porcelain that follows the Joseon dynasty’s tradition. The noble modesty and virtue of Joseon porcelains is transformed into a contemporary sensitivity and utility, with perfect artisanship.

LEE Won-joo
B1F, Jasmi Bldg., 33,Dosan-daero27-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06032, Korea