dining gallery 銀座の金沢dining gallery Ginza no Kanazawa

出展予定作家 :
 野口 健 
 出和 絵理 
 久米 圭子 
 横山 翔平 


dining gallery Ginza no Kanazawa

Kanazawa, the home of traditional craft, tea ceremony and gourmet food, is one of the most historical cities in Japan. At “Ginza no Kanazawa,” you can explore not only the traditional, but also the modern sides of the city you did not know.
We exhibit and sell a wide range of arts and crafts including traditional crafts handed down in Kanazawa, artistic crafts created by high-degree handwork techniques, lifestyle crafts tied closely with the climate and the lifestyle of Kanazawa.

About exhibited works

The reallity seen in hands-on-arts based on natural materials and processes. The four artists show formative expressions by corresponding materials and putting all skills.
Ken Noguchi expresses material properties of lacquer, the depth and the primitive, by making vessel form with kanshitsu technique. Eri Dewa focuses on the translucency of the porcelain and asks the existence to viewers. Keiko Kume skillfully processes the metal and sublimates to the vital symbol from micro to macro. Shohei Yokoyama blows the heated glass and shapes the scences that make the beginings and the endings feel. Their attitudes toward production reflect another value that we aspire today.

Masahiro Saito
6F,KIRARITOGINZA, 1-8-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061,Japan