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出展予定作家 :
 坂井 直樹 
 堀 貴春 
 百瀬 玲亜 


atelier&gallery creava

Exhibitions of universal crafts and arts of high quality have been held at a historical art gallery to which an oldJapanese warehouse was remodeled and reborn. The purpose of this gallery is to introduce excellent works and workers from here to the world and to become a core of the connection between human and art.This facility is located at a historical and tasteful samurai-residence-district in Kanazawa. Also, this is a place of creativity which includes an old warehouse gallery, a pottery studio, and a café. Art exhibitions are constantly planned here, and this facility is where tourists would enjoy an experience of pottery. It provides a lesson where they deeply learn pottery with fun and also is equipped with rich contents of craftsmanship.

About exhibited works

I will pick up three artist. artists of iron, lacquer and porcelain .different material technique. Crafts have a great influence on the technique and shape by the potential force of the material. Contemporary artist manipulating minerals, plants, water, fire, atmosphere, seems like an alchemist giving rise. Mr. Naoki Sakai of the metalworks mainly focuses on wall-shaped works whose intersecting lines are beautiful, Ms. Reia Momose is an unknown organism or a life-like shaped work like a new kind of plant,
Mr.Takaharu Hori Make a work that looks alive from pure white porcelain.

Izumi Kawagishi
2-6-51, Nagamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0865, Japan