出展予定作家 :
 Lee Ikjong 
 Kim Seongho 



Crosspoint Gallery was opened as one of the affiliated organizations of Crosspoint Cultural Foundation in 2014, by branding expert Mrs. Sohn Hyewon. As a branding pioneer and trendsetter in South Korea, former Director Sohn has always been sensitive to all kinds of art and culture. She opened Crosspoint gallery to provide artisans an open space to show their works. Included in the gallery was the first and only mother-of-pearl lacquerware museum to exhibit her collections. The artisans who have been quietly devoting themselves to their craft finally had a chance to introduce and display their lifetime results and to speak out for the modern craft based on tradition. Since it’s establishment, Crosspoint Gallery has presented 8 artisans in various materials such as mother-of-pearl lacquerware, ceramic, and fabric (Hansan ramie). In 2017, Crosspoint gallery presented mother-of-pearl lacquerwares in Tresor contemporary craft which was held in Basel, Switzerland and The 41st Annual PMA Contemporary Craft Show in USA. Crosspoint Gallery is where new prospects for modern art are introduced on the basis of Korean traditional culture. We continually seek emerging artists who have significant skills, and create opportunities to show the world the lesser-known artistic and beautiful roots of Korean cultural tradition.

About exhibited works

Crosspoint Gallery presents Kim Seongho (Master of Mother-of-Pearl Inlay and Dry-Lacuqer) and Lee Ikjong (Master of Lacquer)’s first duo exhibition. When entering the exhibition room, 12 lacquered vases inlaid with plum blossom designs in different shapes are shown in the corner of the room. Each vase has a different plum blossom design, but the vases become one big picture when gathered together. In the center of the room, big and small irregularly shaped trays are placed, like plum flowers fallen into a stream, slowly flowing across the room. On the other side of the room, you can find the main artwork – a 70-centimeter dry-lacquered tray on the wall. Sketched by a painter, shaped and inlayed with various Mother-of-Pearl shells by Master Kim, and finally polished with Korean traditional lacquer by Master Lee, this tray shows the simplicity and elegance of Korean Mother-of-Pearl Inlay lacquerware.

Ghunhae CHUNG
266, Sowol Ro, Youngsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea