Gallery Seek

出展予定作家 :
 原田 武 
 上中 剛司 
 籔内 佐斗司 
 玉井 伸弥 
 中村 祐子 


Gallery Seek

We will organize the exhibition of concepts that introduce young artists who have ability and power. And we founded with wanted to get more opportunities to show young unique artists that we choose from a new perspective. We would like to continue to introduce works that are not influenced by the times such as gallery exhibitions, participation in events fairs, event planning at department stores.

About exhibited works

Typical modeling artist of Japan and also an artist of “Sento-kun” (Heijo transition city 1300year festival official mascot character.) Satoshi Yabuuchi. The processing of a metal artist who continue to produce with animals and daily casual things Takeshi Harada. ceramic artist who inherit the tradition of Hyogo’s Tamba-yaki and works of hybrid and blend together with life, Tsuyoshi Uenaka.
In Kanazawa where called arts and craft city, we would like to introduce of something comfortable charm and not to mention each technic and elaborate.

Hideki Shiono
B1F, Ginza ShowaEating bldg., 6-3-15, Ginza,Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan