Lee Ikjong

Co-manager of Wabu Workshop
2017 | Craft Trend Fair, Coex (Seoul, Korea)
2017 | The 41st Annual PMA Contemporary Craft Show, Philadelphia Convention Center (Philadelphia, USA)
2017 | Tresor contemporary craft, Masse Basel (Basel, Switzerland)
2016 | KOREAN Craft & Design in Munich 2016, Bayerisches National Museum (Munich, Germany)

2016 | Mother-of-Pearl Lacquerware from Korea, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (USA)
2015 | Severing and Attaching LIGHT, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Korea Mother-of-Pearl Art Museum (Cheongju, Korea)
2015 | Lacquer Master, Lee Ikjong, 1st solo exhibition, Crosspoint Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2015 | The Korean Craft : Human, Place, History, exhibition in Korean Cultural Center in Brussels (Brussels, Belgium)

2014 | 100 Years History of Korean Modern Lacquerware inlaid with Modern Mother-of-Pearl, Korea Mother-of-Pearl Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)
1974 | Joined lacquerware studio Haeng-Bo-Sa
1970 | Joined studio Gongbang Lee Changjae