ルンパルンパRempah Rempah

出展予定作家 :
 釣 光穂 


Rempah Rempah

Our gallery has started from 2011 at Nonoichi, Ishikawa. We produce exhibitions of contemporary art and KOGEI for fresh artists.
We intorduce their powerful and original works that come from their flexible and bold ideas.

About exhibited works

I believe that ceramics and KOGEI are like folk tale. They have a role to convey moments of passing days and the residue of daily life by people who lived somewhere and sometime. I hope to take over the role to today through my work.
In my work, I am interested in connecting stories about past to today. I express reminiscences and objects that have already finished their own roles through ceramics with bright colors and the process of a kind of knitting. The accumulation of knitting time in my work keeps the afterimage of everyday memories. I would be pleased if you could imagine the stories of someone else's life.

Dai Kinukawa
1F, Sumilley, 1-29-1, Honmachi, Nonoichi, Ishikawa, 921-8815, Japan