ギャラリー パノニカGallery PANNONICA

出展予定作家 :
 堀江 美佳 
 櫻谷 藍太郎 
 森下 優理 
 中山 昌果 



PANNONICA named after pannonica de koenigswate baroness .
She loved music and loved also artists . We  always hope to be so in homage to her . We have held many exhibitions ; RYOJI ARAI 2010 (It was held for the first time at the side of the See of Japan.We had some workshops and live events .) ARTISTS’ RESIDENCE IN YAMASHIRO SPA 2017 YAMASHIRO ART MARCKET 2012 ~ 2016

About exhibited works

We show you two pottery artists of KUTANI YAKI that has been the one of traditional Japanese crafts and still now has great possibilities. AITARO SAKURADANI : She creates a new value of KUTANI YAKI , and shows her incomparable beauty and creativity in her lovely pottery works. YURI MORISHITA : She is making many attractive KUTANI bowls and dishes . All her beautiful works outshines traditional Japanese pottery. Next the other , MASAKA NAKAYAMA : She studied two techniques of Japanese pottery: KUTANI YAKI and SUZU YAKI and are creating charming works at her hometown Noto peninsula. Her works are inspired from nature motifs from Noto and also admired as an up-to date style of future craft. And anther , MIKA HORIE : She studied and revived the old technique to produce the traditional Japanese paper WASHI at Higashidani area of Kaga city,Ishikawa pref. Her original unique works reaches a harmony that her photograph and WASHI integrate. She is an artist who brought a line of light into the desolate area.

Atsuko Azuma
1F, RAPPOKAN, 31-4, Yamashiro Onsendori, kaga, Isikawa, 922-0242, Japan