しぶや黒田陶苑Shibuya Kuroda Toen Co.,Ltd.

出展予定作家 :
 深田 健介 
 内田 鋼一 
 長谷川 清吉 


Shibuya Kuroda Toen Co.,Ltd.

No other art might have pleasure in using than pottery ceramic. Using the authentic enriches every scene of your life, such as when cutting flowers in vase, dishing up food on plates, drinking alcohol, and having a tea. You will be able to enjoy its pregnant expression only after having on hand, not only observing it at art museum.
We will continue to persuade the real beauty and introduce the superior art pieces of modern and current potteries, selected by our severe eyes. At the same time, we will make the best effort to go forward on proper and expected way of an art dealer, communicating with and encouraging current potters for better artworks.

About exhibited works

The characteristic of “Kogei(craft)” is that the art allows us to take in practical use, in our daily life. It could be compared to a journey—when you bring together with the art you are attached to, which is just like going along with your dear friend to the journey, you will be surprised to find other aspects of the journey, or life. We would like to suggest the new possibility of enjoying the current Kogei craft, under the concept of “Journey.”
We also would like to feature the works by Fukada Kensuke. His elaborate sculptural figure reminds us of Realism, however, it has at the same time poetic sentiment in remnant of the sense of “pottery.”

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