タピエスタイルTapie Style

出展予定作家 :
 十川 賀奈子 
 小川 文子 
 松田 実希子 
 入江 優子 
 ハタノ ワタル 
 宇城 基 


Tapie Style

"Tapie style" is a gallery/shop of creators' handmade objects, located in Minami-semba, Osaka, established in 1999 by one interior designer.
We continue to introduce creators and their unique creations that enrich our everyday lives through exhibitions, events and workshops.
Our creators cover a wide range of fields, from fashion accessories to arts and crafts.
One of the key terms in our activity is "Kawaii"; we communicate this cultural concept both domestically and internationally through writing, curation, and design.
We published a travel book "ZAKKA na Osaka" in 2008, and curated exhibitions called "Kawaii Zakka" in 2011 and "Kawaii et cetera" in 2013, both in Paris, to introduce Japanese creators to the international market.

About exhibited works

Kawaii is, traditionally, expressed a feeling of pity and compassion but by slippage of meaning, it expresses today a feeling of attraction towards something that is "small, weak, puny" or that emits a "childish candor".
Kawaii et cetera This term refers to all kinds of handmade items that are used on a daily basis.
It translates both the concept of "handmade" and "familiar". (Crafts)
Japanese culture does not like words. This indicates a sensitivity that leaves a large place to the suggestive, the blur of the in-between. The simple one word "kawaii" can contain a variety of inexpressible feelings that accompany with a sense of assertiveness towards something imperfect. Japanese girls choose this very spontaneous, subjective, and intuitive strong emotion with the others, (because that kind of emotion can be diminished if it is explained or analyzed in detail.)

Eriko Tamai
1F, 3-7-5, Minami-horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0015, Japan