GALLERY龍屋Gallery Tatsuya

出展予定作家 :
 渡邉 貴子 
 幸 勝也 


Gallery Tatsuya

Established in 2003 in the city of owariasahi,Aichi Prefecture,Gallery Tatsuya is a group of young artist presenting their work of art. The concept of this gallery is to expose and familiarize art to a wide range audience.Works for sale include two dimensional pieces, sculptures,craft,ceramics,accessories and so on.This Gallery also presents work in art fairs and other art related events throughout Japan.

About exhibited works

This exhibition presents two forms of work. One is ceramic works that are made from a long history and tradition. These works have an expression of simplicity and yet are sophisticated. The other is glass works that have a transparent feeling with a deep overwhelming beauty in its delicate materials.
The process of both of these works are taken through fire and with the intense heat cannot be touched, however these works have a familiar presence in our daily lives.
Together, these two materials resonate with in each other. One being objects of light and the other being ceramic dolls with a story.
Released in the real world, both children and adults can go anywhere holding the sense of becoming free.
Our hope is that art with an honest imagination can be driven closer in our lives.

Tatsuya Yoshida
542, Koendori, Kashiwaicho, Owariasahi-shi, Aichi, 488-0007, Japan