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Yoshimi Arts

Yoshimi Arts was established in August 2010 to descover and showcase artits and their works with unique artists perspectives and world views, regadless of popularity or trendiness.
As one of the major cultural and artistic centers in Japan, Osaka has actively been involved in numerous cultural actibities since ancient times. We still enjoy the rich heritage of traditional cultural performances and assets that have been handed down through many generations.
We hope that our activities will add even vigor to the cultural and artstic scene in Osaka.

About exhibited works

Solo show by Keigo Kamide.
Keigo Kamide is the sixth generation heir of the Kutani Choemon potters, who have more than a 135-year history with Kutani ware. His diverse range of activities include conceiving an idea for a hand painted porcelain product, which is becoming increasingly rare within the Kutani ware practice itself, cooperating with Maruwakaya to realize a collaboration with world-renowned designer Jaime Hayon, and exhibiting his own porcelain work of “Kansho(Banana)” at the graduation exhibit at the Tokyo University of the Arts.
Keigo Kamide has also created exhibitions of his work to accommodate to various galleries, museum, and alternative spaces. For this exhibition, he has thoughtfully considered the various aspects of the new hotel to exhibit his work.

Masao Inaba
3F, Wakasa Bldg, 1-8-24,Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0002, Japan