ガレリアポンテgalleria PONTE

出展予定作家 :
 竹村 友里 
 十一代 大樋長左衛門(年雄) 
 小島 有香子 
 小田橋 昌代 


galleria PONTE

Our gallery has an originality and holds exhibitions of universal artists with contemporary taste. “Ponte” means “bridge.” We assume that “arts” also connect remote and different lands and become a bridge to substance and soul. Where could this “ponte” lure the work we meet here to? We cross a ponte in order to look for the answer and proceed to become a ponte to tie both banks.

About exhibited works

It is an inspiration from nature that is common among the four artists and a creative wellspring in spite of the different method to represent themselves. Nature and art are animistic inseparatable aggregate in the world of Japanese arts and crafts (KOGEI) as an undercurrent. Nature is the wellspring of creativity for the modern artists in the either conscious or unconscious field. Materials and techniques of KOGEI also cannot be separated from climate and various natures. This combination produces coexistence of nature and arts, coexistence of modernity and tradition, and horizon of new creation. Galleria Ponte will exhibit four pottery and glass artists with refinement and vigorousness who embody these ideas.

Yoko Motoyama
1-1-44, Nomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 921-8031, Japan