dining gallery銀座の金沢dining gallery Ginza no Kanazawa

出展予定作家 :
 藤野 征一郎 
 松本 由衣 
 坂井 直樹 
 山﨑 美和 
 森岡 希世子 
 白岩 玲子 
 赤地 径 
 中野 雄次 
 名雪 園代 
 田圃 佳代子 
 黒木 紗世 


dining gallery Ginza no Kanazawa

Kanazawa, the home of traditional craft, tea ceremony and gourmet food, is one of the most historical cities in Japan. Its rich history and diverse cultures have captivated people around the country to this day. At “Ginza no Kanazawa”, you can explore not only the traditional, but also the modern sides of the city you did not know. We are here to help you experience the real Kanazawa like a local. You will feel as if you were in the city.
We exhibit and sell not only traditional arts and crafts, but also lifestyle crafts which are closely tied with the climate and the lifestyle of Kanazawa. Kanazawa’s finest crafts await you in Ginza.

About exhibited works

We will introduce artists influenced in cultural climate of Hokuriku and Kanazawa, they all create fine quality creative kogei works.
The beauty of life and Japanese behaviors that “Yo-no-bi(beauty of usage)“ brings, and the beauty of expressions that affect the harmony of space and forms of perception​. You will feel the world-view and time-experiences that the kogei shows.

Ichiko Shinki
6F, KIRARITOGINZA, 1-8-19, Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan