YOD Gallery

出展予定作家 :
 小川 宣之 
 村田 彩 
 篠崎 裕美子 
 三木 陽子 
 古賀 真弥 


YOD Gallery

YOD Gallery was established with a mission to show a new sense of value and expression inside and outside of Japan positively with such promising artists. We will try to search for a common sense of value all over the world from the thoughts of domestic and overseas artists and their works since the art expression tends to be more globalized. We, as one of the primary galleries in Japan, also review our identity as Japanese afresh by finding artists and works that possess an independent artistic sense that can be exhibited worldwide and aim to grow up together with them.

About exhibited works

YOD gallery will introduce the trend in contemporary craft of Western Japan.
Nobuyuki Ogawa (b.1963, Kyoto), born in the potter family of “Kiyomizu-ware,” creates works with unique sense of aesthetic and humor taking the elements of subculture existing against-established systems and values in his work. Aya Murata (b.1979, Kyoto) uses “Nerikomi” technique (patterns made by layering and kneading threads of colored clay) to transform clays into tentacle-like organic shapes, further to visualize the charm of life. Yumiko Shinozaki (b.1987, Fukuoka) makes organic shaped, brightly colored ceramic sculptures filled with energy, by simply following her instincts. Yoko Miki (b.1963, Hyogo) speaks of ideas such as Yin-Yang and front-and-back by dissimilating and re-composing daily environment with her ceramic objects. Her works uniquely combine industrial material with parts of animal and human body. The notion of boundaries between life and death, consciousness and unconsciousness underlies as a theme. Masaya Koga (b.1988, Fukuoka) produces metal engraving work in copper, taking advantage of the patina. With the idea of time including the notion of past, present and future, Koga sculpts the momentary beauty found in things that are in constant flux.

Ryotaro Ishigami
Daiichi-Shinmei Bldg., 4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0047, Japan