現代美術 艸居Sokyo Gallery

出展予定作家 :
 中村 卓夫 
 松村 淳 
 橋本 満智子 
 村本 真吾 


Sokyo Gallery

Focusing on sculptural objects and ceramic works as a formative art after the war, Sokyo Gallery introduces a wide range of “beauty” with open-minded values. It is a challenge of the transformation towards the existing value systems in art that the three dimensional works in ceramics and crafts will be appreciated and regarded as contemporary art.
Together with the new generation who are leading Japanese culture for the future, we seek ways in which those art works in ceramics and crafts can be evaluated in the context of fine art, and aim to raise these works to the truly valuable art.

About exhibited works

Sokyo Gallery will challenge how we create of an art space with four of our artists and their artworks. Takuo Nakamura is representative ceramic artist of Kanazawa and shows presence with his own aesthetic sence. Shingo Muramoto creates emotional artworks by expressing sensitivity. Machiko Hashimoto demonstrates the life cycle of a flower poetically by using cobalt blue glazed porcelain Jun Matsumura creates ideal artefacts by extracting forms out of nature. We would like the audience to experience that any space can be transformed to a special one with the power of art.

Yuichi Fujita
381-2, Motomachi, Furumonzen-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0089, Japan