多治見市文化工房ギャラリーヴォイスTajimi City Cultural Atelier gallery VOICE

出展予定作家 :
 青木 宏 
 荻野 由梨 
 加藤 智也 
 長岡 千陽 
 奈良 祐希 
 馬場 康貴 


Tajimi City Cultural Atelier gallery VOICE

Our gallery holds exhibitions and symposiums mainly on the subject of ceramic art. And we also hope to transmit quality information of arts and KOGEI, so that we could provide opportunities for artists and visitors to develop good relationships.

About exhibited works

We have a desire to present attractive and evocative ceramic artworks, which embody the aesthetics and thoughts of artists, who are vividly aware of their modernity, giving their full attention to nature of clay, with its plasticity, its huge variety of forming technique, and its diverse expression created through firing.
Tajimi City, where our gallery is located, has been thriving in ceramic industry for a long time, and now, ceramic art is firmly embedded in the culture of this town.
So we hope to introduce appealing ceramic works showing future of ceramic art, created by living artists who are feeling kinship ties with this region.

Tomoko Kawakami
3F, TAJIMI-SOZOKAN, 5-9-1, Honmachi, Tajimi, Gifu, 507-0033, Japan