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出展予定作家 :
 西中 千人 
 田上 真也 


Minnano Gallery

Since our gallery opened in 2013, we have held exhibitions mainly on solo exhibitions of Japanese artists. We have also expanded genres of art we deal with as we continue exhibitions.
Some artists that express through visuals and forms sometimes create artworks that doubt the viewer's common sense. Such works may have tradition in some cases or may reflect extremely personal emotions, but anyway we are given unexpected fresh surprises and new perspectives. We would like to meet such artists and widely introduce the artworks to the world. And we would like to make the gallery space where people can be more clearly experienced the world of artist's mind.

About exhibited works

Minnano Gallery will exhibit Shinya Tanoue's pottery and Yukito Nishinaka's glass. Both of the two artists have experienced many domestic and overseas exhibitions. While retaining the format of authentic in Japan, at the same time their works combine their own creative and diverse forms. We think that their artworks are appropriate to convey the charm of Japanese contemporary crafts from an international perspective.
Tanoue's artworks are inspired by "shell" and "hatching". And Nishinaka dare use glass "crack" as a characteristic feature of his artwoks. Throughout their artworks, we would find warmth and fragility of life. We hope to make such an exhibition space that you can feel the view of the world that both artists have assumed and that you can be conscious of the shining moment in the everyday life that we live.

Yoichi Tamori
2F, 4-14-3, Higashi-ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0015, Japan