出展予定作家 :
 石田 慎 
 伊豆野 一政 
 表具師・井上 雅博 
 かのう たかお 
 金 理有 
 小孫 哲太郎 
 角居 康宏 
 髙木 基栄 
 高橋 良 
 田村 一 
 津田 友子 
 前川 多仁 
 山田 浩之 
 富田 啓之 



When all the Japanese culture, genealogies of the beauty are hybrids that I take value, the technique from the foreign countries not pure domestic production, from the ancient times to the present age, I arrest you and think that the originality that is different from context of the Western art is the truth height of "the JAPANESE HYBRID ART". With that in mind, I cross the border excessively in every scene in classified present Japan and recommend a superior work lined in the new expression that adhered to life, a reliable technique and want to send new lifestyle suggestion in Japan to the world at the same time.

About exhibited works

I believe that the Japanese arts and crafts which is hard to be placed in a Europe and America-led art scene descends from mind and the history of not only Japan but also the Oriental beauty is located in the front of our time, and approve of this fair to put a pivot leg called Oriental "KOGEI" opposed to Western "ART".
With that in mind, among the artists whom PAKUPAKUAN usually recommends, I gather spirited artists, craftsmen jumping to the tip in the times in particular from the field of the folkcraft and cross the border without fitting into the category of "the industrial arts" of the narrow sense and want to introduce a talented person surprising the world.

Ishibashi Keigo
2-17-14, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan